About JNC Welding Services

A guide to what makes our welding service special

JNC Welding services was founded back in 1982 by John Purdy, a local Sheffield man who apprenticed with some of the most highly skilled and respected welders in Sheffield at the time. He soon realized that he had a natural talent for welding and started JNC Welding to provide high quality welding services to customers in Sheffield and Rotherham who were in need of specialized welding skills or the welding of unusual materials.

Soon after the business started he was joined by his two sons, Nick and Chris, who have continued the family tradition and display the same high level of welding artistry that their father does.

Their reputation has continued to grow along with their business.

We believe that the secret to our success is the constant drive to outdo each other. This family competitiveness has increased the level of skill of all of our welders over the years.

A big source of pride for us, is that all of our business comes through referrals. We do not advertise but instead rely on our customers to sing our praises. This drives us to continually provide excellent service to our customers.

TIG welding aluminium - Sheffield